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Personal Injury Settlements

Personal injury cases are common in Southern California. Essentially, such cases revolve around a personal injury done to one person, or the plaintiff, that was caused by the negligent actions of another person or party, called the defendant.

Whether you live in Van Nuys, Santa Clarita, Burbank, Palmdale or Stevenson Ranch, a personal injury lawsuit requires proving negligence and this can be difficult. For many plaintiffs in personal injury cases, personal injury settlements make more long-term sense than lawsuits.

Only an experienced Stevenson Ranch injury attorney can advise you whether your particular case is best resolved via settlement or litigation, but a settlement is usually worth considering.

What is a personal injury settlement?

A personal injury settlement is an agreement between two parties in a lawsuit in which one party offers the other a sum of money in exchange for an agreement to keep the case from going to trial. This effectively settles the case and eliminates the need for a jury trial.

There are pros and cons to settling a Stevenson Ranch personal injury lawsuit, as opposed to allowing it to proceed to trial:

  • Pros: In a settlement, plaintiffs receives compensation much sooner than if they had to wait for the completion of a jury trial. Furthermore, a settlement means guaranteed compensation. With a jury trial, there is always a chance that the verdict will end up favoring the defendant, meaning no compensation whatsoever for the plaintiff.
  • Cons: Jury trials tend to yield much larger monetary awards than personal injury settlements. Also, plaintiffs sometimes settle their personal injury cases before the full extent of their injuries become clear. When this occurs, and injuries worsen over time, there is little recourse for the plaintiff as compensation is locked into the terms of the original settlement. Settlements are not ideal solutions for all personal injury lawsuits but, in many cases, they offer sufficient advantages to make them preferable to full-blown litigation.

Stevenson Ranch personal injury attorneys

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