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Causing a Spouse to Separate from or to Refuse to Return to Another Spouse

Under the common law, there existed a tort for causing a spouse to separate from or to refuse to return to another spouse. Although most states have enacted statutes that have abolished the tort, there are a few states in which a spouse may bring an action against a third party for the tort.

Claims against the Government

Under the legal doctrine of sovereign immunity, the government cannot be sued without its permission. Sovereign immunity protects the federal government, state and local governments, and government agencies from personal injury lawsuits. However, most governments (including the federal government) have passed laws that waive their sovereign immunity under certain circumstances.

Defendant’s Wrongful Use of Process

It is a tort to use the civil or criminal form of process to primarily seek a result other than that for which the form of process was intended. The conduct that encompasses the abuse of process is a defendant’s wrongful use of the process for an ulterior purpose and some willful act in the use of the process to accomplish that ulterior purpose.

The Jones Act — Unseaworthiness Claims

The owner of a vessel has an absolute duty to provide a seaworthy vessel for his crew. Therefore, an injured seaman may sue the owner of the vessel on which the seaman was working if the vessel was unseaworthy at the time of the accident. A vessel is unseaworthy if it, its equipment, or its crew are not reasonably fit for their intended purpose.

Whom to Sue in Automobile Cases

A person who is injured in an automobile accident may seek to recover for his injuries against one or more parties, including the driver or the owner of the automobile that caused the accident. This article addresses the parties who are potentially liable for an injured party’s injuries arising from an automobile accident.


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