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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was in an accident.  What should I do?
A: If you think you have been injured, the most important thing to do is obtain medical attention.  If possible, obtain names, addresses, and insurance and vehicle registration information for anyone else involved in the accident, and contact information for any potential witnesses.  Contact your insurance company and inform them of the accident.  Finally, seek representation from an experienced personal injury attorney who can inform you of your legal rights and help you determine all potential sources of financial recovery.  If anyone else’s insurance company attempts to talk to you, it is important that you know you do not have to talk to them.   

Q: If I’ve been injured in an accident, do I need a lawyer?
A: Yes.  Most cases do end up settling before they go to court.  However, during settlement negotiations, it is important that you are in the best position possible.  Insurance companies will most likely offer you less than what your case is worth, and if you do not have someone on your side who can perform a thorough investigation, the insurance companies have a significant advantage.  The attorneys at My L.A. Lawyers include a former insurance claims adjuster, allowing us to anticipate how the insurance company will evaluate your claim and negotiate accordingly to obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Q: How long do I have to file my case?
A: In general, California law allows you two years to file a lawsuit against an individual person or company.  However, if your accident was caused by a dangerous road condition or unsafe public premises, you may need to file a lawsuit against the government, which is subject to specific limitations.  In these cases, you have only six months from the date of injury to notify the state that you are filing a lawsuit. 

Q: How much is my case worth?
A: Your case’s value depends on the circumstances of your particular case.  My L.A. Lawyers offers all prospective clients a free initial consultation, giving you a chance to visit our offices, discuss what happened, and obtain an evaluation of the case. 

Q: Who will pay my medical bills?
A: There are several potential sources of payment.  In addition to any health insurance coverage you may have, your own automobile insurance may include some personal injury coverage, covering some of your medical expenses.  Once hired, our lawyers can communicate with healthcare providers and assure them that we are aggressively pursuing a lawsuit on your behalf, potentially ceasing collection activity while we obtain recovery that will allow you to pay your medical bills.


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